Eye Movements Now On U-Tube

I have uploaded a number of eye movement recordings taken from various projects I have been involved with over the years using the Eyelink eye tracking system, to a dedicated U-tube channel! Anyone can browse, ask questions or comment on the videos and I have given links to the relevant publications where available. I’ll be uploading some more soon but take a look here:


The School of Psychology has recently just taken delivery of the next generation of Eyelink system the Eyelink 1000 http://www.sr-research.com/index.html

Most of the videos on the U-tube site were taken with the Eyelink 2. The Eyelink 1000 allows for “heads free” tracking at high spatial and temporal resolution. We plan to use it for testing in neurological patients as well as at the forthcoming Summer Scientist research day http://summerscientist.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk/

One thought on “Eye Movements Now On U-Tube

  1. I’ve uploaded some more videos to the U-tube site today which I ripped off some really old VHS tapes I found in my filing cabinet! So not best quality but still of interest. One shows eye movements in a problem solving task (Tower of London), the other illustrates the problems some stroke patients have with reading.

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