Public Engagement Project Success!

Over the next 12 months I will be busy as co-investigator on a grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council  as part of the Public Engagementenagement with Research Catalyst scheme.

Led by School of History and Heritage’s Prof Carenza Lewis (of Time Team fame), the PEARL (Public Engagement for All in Research at Lincoln) project aims to enrich the culture of public engagement in research across the university, putting it on an equal footing with research and teaching.

Public engagement with research seeks to inform, inspire, upskill and enrich individuals and communities. PEARL will establish Lincoln as a model for other universities in the extent to which it values and supports staff and student public engagement activity.

The project will initially seek views of staff and students to evaluate perceptions, strengths and weaknesses of how the University currently eEPSRCngages non-academics in its research, but there will also be opportunities to get more hands on with PEARL including funding for public engagement events, a conference and awards so watch this space!


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