Research & Collaborations

Research Interests

My primary research interests are focused on the control of human eye movements and more generally into how we make the link between perception and action. My research has involved working with neurological patients such as people who have suffered stroke or who have Parkinson‘s and has been funded by Wellcome Trust, ESRC, MRC, Innovate UK and British Academy awards.

After moving to Lincoln I led a project to develop a visual search training computer game to help children with partial visual loss (“Eyelander”). I am interested in the application of eye movements tests as a tool to screen and assess for cognitive / neurological problems in older adults. The Lincoln Summer Scientist event has also inspired a new interest in how attention and eye movements develop in children.

PhD Students and Post-doctoral Researchers

Post-graduate research students:

Charlotte Golding. Eye movements during Task Switching. Wellcome Prize Student, Imperial College Medical School. PhD Awarded 2003.

Sarah Bate. Eye movements and Emotion Processing in Prosopagnosia; Awarded 2009; Now Professor at University of Bournemouth

Sarah Carr. fMRI studies of somatosensory cortical mapping in chronic regional pain syndrome. PhD awarded 2009.

Kate Janse Van Rensburg. fMRI and eye tracking studies of the effect of exercise on smoking cravings. PhD Awarded 2009. 

Nicola Gregory. The effect of socio-biological cues on saccadic eye movement programming . PhD Awarded 2011. Now Lecturer at University of Bournemouth UK.

Dr Ian Frampton. fMRI Insula dysfunction in eating disorders. PhD awarded 2014.

Murat Ozger. Eye movements in crime scene investigation. PhD Awarded 2016.

Dr Flora Ioannidou. Social cueing of visual attention. PhD Awarded 2019.

Dr Maria Silva-Gago. Visuo-spatial attention and paeleolithic stone tools. PhD Awarded 2022

Post-doctoral researchers

Ben Parris. My former post-doc on Welcome Trust project grant, now a Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University

Neal Hinvest. Former Post-doctoral Research Fellow researching “Neuroeconomics and neuromarketing”. Now Lecturer at University of Bath.

Jonathan Waddington. In Focus Charity Exeter and Plymouth Marjon University. Researcher at visual impairment specialist centre, formally post-doc on the Eyelander KTP project.Eyeland

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